DAC (Direct Associated Care)

We do not evolve independently of our thinking, emotionally or physically.

DAC is an awareness of innate recovery that can manifest within oneself when we align the mind and body in a way that self-induces wellness. This practical, creative process, can be measured by the feeling of betterment that is generated by 'directly' combining care, as we become aware of an increase in calmness and hopefulness.  

This alignment is in the form of personalised self-efficacy; belief in your ability to be well and stay healthy, together with belief in your chosen wellness and or treatment program. This is designed to be implemented by 'directly' working with the identified areas of emotional-physical discomfort, and the physical-emotional manifestations of disharmony, and dis-ease. 


Recovery of the whole of self is a triangulation of emotional-physical-spiritual-care, which at times appear to be mystical; magical in mythology. Applying PNI is a practical process, whereby small changes in the way we think, feel and act, form the basis of self-generating wellness. We are the wellness and recovery generators that power all forms of personal, professional, and medical interventions. 

All of the information on the site aims to support the need for DAC.

Let's take a closer look at some of the concepts. 


Calming the Bodymind 

D Direct

We aim to  treat the mind and body as one unified structure. 

PNI states the body is the mind and vice versa. 

Bodymind 'understanding the relationship of the body and mind' connection. 

The chemical response that is activated from the mind to the body, and from the body to the mind, is a chemical interchange that can be measurable in terms of the activated hormonal response, and our general feeling of wellness. 

A Associated

To be aware of the chemical response, without disregarding spiritual or metaphysical healing.

We aim to generate wellness through an understanding of PNI, perception, self-efficacy, and open-mindedness. 

C Care

The option to combine personal and professional support that enables us to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually eased.  



Connecting the mind and body via DAC, helps us to manage the insidious stress that accumulates in the mind, body, and spirit. 

When we feel pain in the body it will have an emotional attachment that needs to be identified and released otherwise a level of psychosomatic pain remains unattended. 

Recognising where in the body we are holding pain from the past, present and future helps us to personalise our wellness planning in a way that calms the Bodymind by generating a life-sustaining chemical response that eases the body-mind-spirit. 

Managing Perceptions                                                                                  

Combining our mind and body care generates a perceptual change through our ability to attain a deeper level of self-governance around our thinking as we relax into the realm of being thought.

In a state of relaxation we can become aware of emotional-physical pain that resides in our body and takes the steps presented to us in state to power us our wellness potential. 


Marsha Linehan

Marsha Linehan encourages us to view relaxation and meditation as a way to be aware of out thoughts without judgement.

'Awareness without judgment of what is, via direct and immediate experience.'  


Personal and Professional Intervention 

The DAC Workbook outlines how mind and body professionals can link their services by discussing PNI with each client/patient so that each individual can be aware that there is a physical connection to emotional pain and an emotional connection to physical illnesses.

The aim is to ensure that each individual uses all the resources available for wellness, including their own innate healing abilities. 

As professionals, we can offer a range of resources and support.

It is no longer a case of mind over matter, science proves that thought is matter.

Each individual can combine the mind and body with a view of managing their chemical response (science) and becoming aware of the ability to self-soothe, build self-efficacy, and entwine with the essence of self (spiritual).   

The aim is to activate a healthy Bodymind by combining care and managing other variable levels of stress that separate us from our capacity to be well and stay healthy. 


The main interests of PNI are the interactions between the nervous system, immune system, mental processes, and health.

The nervous system is the immune system, and they do not function separately. 

In simple terms, PNI is looking at why peoples immune systems go down when they are under stress.

The inter-connective nature of the mind and body means that we can inadvertently compromise a person's level of wellness when we deal with the body or mind independently.


The spotlight is also on our internal environment and how it is affected by stress, highlighting what we can do to change the negative biochemical response that stress generates. 

Organic Illnesses

PNI does not disregard the organic nature of illnesses such as bacteria and germs nor does it deny that some illnesses are genetically inherited.


Traditional mind and body and alternative medicine can effectively alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses, but they are not the whole package. 

To fully enable emotional suppression to be released from the body, we need to ensure that the associated physical counterpart of the emotional pain is released through physical intervention

As professionals, we can offer a range of resources and support. This support needs to be combined.

We can be facilitators of support by helping each individual find the range of solutions they need to maintain wellness; a solution that combines mind and body care.

The inter-connective nature of the mind and body means that we can inadvertently compromise a person's level of wellness when we deal with the body or mind independently.

Releasing emotional suppression from the body can be effectively achieved when life presents us with a challenge.  

A negative situation can be a motivator for change.

The main interests of PNI are the interactions between the nervous system, immune system, mental processes, and health.

Stress is a fundamental component of life. Irrespective of the cause we are part of the effect.


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