We admire those who are self-assured, well informed, and confident without being aggressive. 

Understanding the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness can pave the way for a better day. We benefit from maintaining a natural, calmer response to the challenges of life that sustain a sense of wellbeing.

People think what they think irrespective of what we want.

There is truth in the sentence above, it may sound a bit harsh, but there is a feeling of acceptance and self-care wrapped in the words. It may be a quote by Bryon Katie.

We can be assertive in our views while knowing not everyone will agree with the way we think, feel or act. We do not need approval or permission to manage ourselves effectively.

The important thing is to remember that we can find it difficult to be objective due to our personal experience of life.


Being aware of the need to self-manage our emotions is a human trait, and the line between assertion and aggression is thin. We benefit when we become aware of the shift from self-care to self-righteousness. The truth is they both feel good; one is an act of love, the other is not. We often feel the difference before we see it. 

An assertion is a form of communication

Aggression hurt us all

Set personal standards.

Own your own choices.

Take responsibility for your responses.

Be willing to learn and progress.

Assertiveness is clarity and calmness. Aggressivenessis confusion.

When we think negatively of others, we place negative emotional pressure on ourselves, generating a chemical response due to the accumulation of stress. Working through our emotions in innovative and creative ways helps us progress effectively.

Be supported while being self-supportive.

The main thing is that we take action to be in the best of health by getting the support we need to be emotional, physically, spiritually eased. 


Be part of your community; join a club, get involved in arts, do what you can to maintain a balanced life that includes time alone and community integration. 

Byron Katie "The more we question our judgments, the kinder we become. I think love is the power, so that's my interest, and that's my invitation."

Professional care can lead the way to a better day.

We are often aware of when we are disconnected, confused, sad, anxious, depressed. It is essential to release tension from negative emotional states, talk to a friend, discuss support with your doctor, join a club, start writing to release the pressure of life.

Get a massage, do Yoga or some other form of active physical care. 

A little walk each day helps us from going astray. 

Walking strengthens the body and mind, by dissapting negative enery. 

Being angry, forceful or hostile, is a negative mind-body experience, make some space for yourself and others at such times. 

When we generate negative feelings towards others, we feel the emotion ourselves. Emotions are chemicals that respond to the way we think, feel and act.

We have a responsibility to counteract destructive modes of thinking, so the anger, hurt, blame, or shame we feel towards others does not overtly regenerate within us. We are not passive when we accept that others may not see the world in the same way that we do.

Acceptance of different views, values, and ways of living is not a diminishment of who we are; we have our inner voice to guide us; that does not mean that others should follow our path; we are individuals that aim to live together in harmony.

An assertion is about being confident when you feel you have something to convey, something of value to say. Maintaining your self-respect is gained by owning your right to be wrong. We become open in our speech when we are assured that we will be treated as human. 

When we feel hurt, anger, blame, shame, etc., the Bodymind reacts accordingly.

Alcoholics Anonymous. 'Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.'

When we aim to bring calmness and forgiveness into our lives, we do it for ourselves, for our emotional-physical-spiritual sense of wellbeing.

Freedom of choice is never one voice

It is ok to say how you feel

Talk things through with a friend or a professional

We learn a lot from listening to ourselves

We can make informed decisions by listening to others

Say 'I own my right to be wrong' and mean it

Speak your truth; assertively. 




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