Awareness of PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology)

PNI Australia encourages you to learn more about PNI and apply it to how you live, love your life, and do business. 

Raising awareness of PNI allows us all to benefit from the research and growth that has taken place in this area of science. 



PNI is a Holistic Approach is Wellness, and it is essential to understand that this primarily means that the separation of the mind and body is only a communicative construct and not by any means two separate interrelated entities. The mind is the body; the body is the mind; when effectively combined, wellness increases. 

The mind is the body, and the body speaks, and the aim is to generate an effective chemical response in what is termed the BODYMIND.  


A deeper understanding of the above is found in the sections 'FREE PNI COURSE' and 'WELLNESS'  

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We hope you enjoy learning and applying PNI to your business. 

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