PNI Awareness 

  • Heighten the awareness of Psychoneuroimmunology.
  • Share the benefits discovered in this area of science.
  • Promote PNI alongside other health modalities.

The Principles of PNI

  • Extended your knowledge of the holistic approach to wellness.
  • Explain the wellness benefits of PNI to others.
  • Provide a deeper understanding of the need to combine mind, body and spiritual care.

PNI Extending Capabilities

PNI Australia welcomes you to the world of mind, body and spiritual alignment; changing the way we view health and the way we do business. We desire to be, emotionally, physically, spiritually eased.  Read more...

Stress Reduction

Dealing with stress doesn't have to be stressful.

We have a choice regarding how we view and respond to the stressful challenges of modern-day emotional living.  

We have the option to question and challenge our assumptions and aim to decrease the impact of unproductive and potentially harmful negative thoughts.


Generate Change 

Conflict can be the starting point of personal and professional growth.

When we realise how effective we can be at generating change, we build the self-efficacy we need to make actionable change.

We can counteract unproductive thoughts and build a better future for ourselves and others.


Maximise Recovery 

Although we cannot control what life brings, we can influence how it effects us.

We can maximise our recovery by utilising not only the external modalities such as psychotherapy, yoga, acupuncture (to name but a few) but by also optimising our internal resources that enable us to connect with our ability to self-generate wellness. 


PNI Awareness Certificate 

  • Be part of the exciting area of PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology)
  • Add diversity to your business by attaining your PNI Awareness Certificate
  • Demonstrate your commitment to promoting the wellness benefits of PNI
  • Offer the best in mind-body, bodymind care

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Community Connections

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  • Connect with other wellness professionals in your community.
  • Find PNI Certification holders and embrace the benefits of DAC.
  • Unity in health; emotional, physical, spiritual wellness.


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